455 Prospect SE

Built in: 1888
Style: Queen Anne
1988 Tour
Sidney J. Osgood, a well-known local architect, built this house for himself in 1888. Osgood designed the old Kent County Courthouse, the other communities. This same block was home to other well-known names in the local business community, such as Frank E. Leonard and S.A. Mormon. The house was abandoned after being cut-up into tiny apartments, arsoned three times and vandalized extensively, With only remnants of the interior intact and reasonable complete but charred staircase, it was acquired, with the house next door by the Heritage Hill Foundation in the 1970's. In 1978-79, college and high school students worked side by side with professional trades people, under the direction of the Foundation, to recreate this beautiful home. The Queen Anne style house, with its Moorish influence on the front porch, has many fine features. The tourelle (corner tower) is unusual because it is not built up from a foundation but cantilevered delicate, triple columnettes on the front porch are notable. Characteristics of the Queen Anne style are large expanses of glass with varying design treatments of windows throughout the house. (owners own home)
Past Owners:
Sidney J. Osgood
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