152 Prospect NE

Built in: 1870
Style: Classic Revival
Loomis House, Walking Tour
A $2,500 mortgage enabled Robery Loomis to build this Classic Revival home in 1870. The house actually began its life as a Greek Revival farmhouse. At a later date, either Mr. Loomis or subsequent owner decided that he would like a more imposing edifice and undertook and ambitious remodeling plan to add the Classic portico complete with soaring columns and pilasters supporting the well-proportioned pediment. The Adam detail is visible in the fanlight in the pediment, the Palladian window and balcony on the second storey and in the central doorway with its leaded glass sidelights and fanlight. The spirit of the holiday season, a feeling of warmth and welcome, seems to radiate from the softly illuminated façade of this home. The visitor senses that within he will find a haven to shelter him from the chill December weather and the aura of substance in which the traditional values we cherish are celebrated during the Christmas season. Earlier a Greek rev. farmhouse.
Past Owners:
Robert Loomis
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