501 Morris SE

Built in: 1924
Style: Prairie
1995 Tour
Back in 1924, this "American four-square" house was erected for John Burch (of Burch Fabric and Upholstery fame) and his wife, Emma. John, who rubbed elbows with the big furniture industry honchos, really planned ahead. The sunken family room in the basement sports a vent that travels all the way up to the attic - - installed for the express purpose of clearing the air as John entertained his cigar-smoking buddies. Emma, no doubt was relieved. Take note of the sunroom off the living room and the sundeck over the garage. The rugs in the foyer and living room are original to t he home, as is the brass hardware on the French doors, chandeliers and sconces. While the home is more high-style, one can detect a Prairie influence. Present owners, Mike and Cathy Bosscher - manager of Grand Auto Sales and supervisor for B.A.S.F. Warehouse, respectively - are only the fourth owners of his fine home. They and their four children enjoy the home's layout, its spacious rooms and wooded yard. (land belonged to Julius Berkey)
Past Owners:
Burch, John K. and Emma A.
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