316 Morris SE

Built in: 1908
Style: Tudor Revival/ Arts & Crafts
Senator Arthur Vandenberg House - 1992 Tour
Home Tour write-up: Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg built this Tudor Revival house in 1908. He was a harness makers son and rose to be one the city's most distinguished and internationally acclaimed statesman. He started his career as a writer for the Grand Rapids Herald and at age 22 was made editor. As a journalist, his interest in political life grew and he convinced him to wait and enter the race for U.S. Senate which he did in 1934. As a Republican, he won the election by over 600,000 votes even though the Democratic party was it its height in Michigan. He had a long and distinguished career in the Senate until his death in 1951. His leadership in foreign policy involved the Marshall Plan, the North Atlantic Treaty and he was cited as an architect of the United Nations. He was awarded many national and international awards for distinguished service and was a senior advisor to our nation's leaders. This house burned down and was completely rebuilt in 1909. This house is one of many, many houses in Heritage Hill that had been converted to apartments. It has since been returned to a single family.
Past Owners:
Vandenberg, Arthur
US Senator
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