356 Cherry SE

Built in: 1885
Style: Eastlake
Coit House "Painted Lady" - 1978 Tour, 1993 Tour, 1999 Tour, Walking Tour
Brick Eastlake built in 1885 by Charles Coit. The house sat vacant for over 10 years. The interior was stripped to the lathe waiting for a new dry wall. Since that time plumbing, heating, electrical, a new roof and other exterior work has been done. All of the interior work except for some plastering has been done by the VanDuinen's and their seven sons. Today we will be showing the downstairs. We are sure you will be most impressed with the beauty and quality of the restoration work that has been done in just one year. This home is an example of the type of work that many property owners in Heritage Hill have undertaken.
Past Owners:
Coit, Charles - Original Owner
Johnson, Axel
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