220 Fulton E

Built in: 1845
Style: Gothic Cottage
Truman-Lyon House/Little Stone House - 1972 Tour, Walking Tour
This charming Gothic Cottage is an outstanding example of cut river stone construction. The masonry work on the façade proceeds in the usual coursing fashion with some attempt at quoining while along the sides. The effect is more rusticated and almost random rubble in appearance. There is a bay window in front, the plate glass window having later been substituted for the classical lights. The windows have ptone sills and lintels. There are decorative baseboards done in a tooth pattern with the design fallowing the line of the caves around the house-the rear wing of the house is cavered stucco and the cast gable is finished with clapboard. The house was originally a T shape with a wing, a gable facing west. This wing also had a small veranda and a dormer in the roof.
Past Owners:
Truman H. Lyon
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