537 Crescent NE

Built in: 1912
Style: Not Available
1981 Tour
HH Home Tour write-up 1981: Chris Hondelink built this house in 1912. It is an exact copy of the house the Hondelink's resided in at Muskegon before moving to Grand rapids. The house cost $4,500 to build, plus $2,000 paid for the lot. At some point it its history, the house was converted to a two-family. Alan and Mary Hartwick moved into the house as tenants, eventually purchased the house, and have returned it to the comfortable single family home you will tour today. This house is not classified in a distinct architectural category, but is one of the substantial homes built after the turn of the century when people became tired of living in the very high-ceilinged, rambling earlier Victorian era houses. Much classic detail was used in exterior ornamentation, such as classic porch columns and modillions. This style of house often exhibited exposed rafter ends which show the influence of the Western Stick style. The interior of this house shows the fine woods and decorative detail, lovely leaded and stained glass windows in vibrant colors and modernistic designs, that were used in the interiors of these houses.
Past Owners:
Chris Hondelink - Original Owner
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