559 College SE

Built in: 1906
Style: Georgian Revival
1999 Tour
The features that represented grandness when this home was first built are still its glory today. This 1906 Georgian Revival is a wood-lover's dream. From the front porch, through the entryway and on into the foyer, the wood and its design are impeccable. Columns and wainscoting take the visitor's eye through a world of care and craftsmanship of a bygone era. Leaded glass windows throughout the main floor lend a quiet dignity to each room as they diffuse the light over furnishings and floor.
Past Owners:
Kelly, Cornelius E.
Nott, Bennett C. and Edith
Ghysels, Eva M.
Dolph, Jack M. and Anne H.
Driscoll, Alf E. and Isabelle
Rollenhagen, Clarie W.
Schafer, Minnie
Dickinson, Julia
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