455 College SE

Built in: 1893
Style: Shingle
Heald-Lear House - 1969 Tour, 1972 Tour, 1987 Tour, 1996 Tour, 2005 Tour, Walking Tour
This Shingle style house was built in 1893 for the Charles Heald family. Mr. Heald was president of a small railway that soon merged with another to form the Pere Marquette Railroad. The inventor of the Lear Jet, Bill Lear, lived here in the 1940's. This house has all the typical detailing of a Shingle style house however the use of shingles is limited to the gables and porch pediment. The shingle style has many details in common with Queen Anne style, both being uniquely American adaptations of other traditions. The style began and reached it's highest expression in east coast seaside resorts. Dorothy and Murray Stout purchased the house in 1985. They had spent their early married years restoring an 1844 farmhouse near Greenville and Dorothy had always yearned for another. Their justification for a large house for only two people was to have a bed and breakfast here. Dorothey is a part of Bed and Breakfast of Grand Rapids. The house did not have adequate maintenance for many years prior to the stout's purchase and professional and personal labor filled a full year before the house approached their needs. The furnishings ad accessories reflect the Stout's interests - - good music and books, travel, gardening, boats, family and many family antiques. Dorothey enjoys and respects her home and hopes that you will too.
Past Owners:
Charles Heald
Nichols, Healds & Mary
Jack, William A.
Lear, William P.
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