425 College SE

Built in: 1916
Style: Mediterranean Villa
Harvey-Shank House, Walking Tour
Built in 1916 by Frank Harvey, this imposing Mediterranean Villa is a noteworthy example of a way of life which was reflect4ed in the homes men built for their families. It combines the individuality of the man with a feeling of timelessness. It provides a sense of continuity for us, allowing us to reflect upon the values of another time. Of particular interest in the Spanish tile roof, the small paned casement windows and graceful balconies. The extensive used of ornate terra-cotta detail is very unusual. This is one of a very few homes which feature this type of della robbia trim and it is a delight to gaze at the craftsmanship represented in the smiling faces of nameless cherubs, the intricately designed fruit and flowers, aove the entryway, windows and on the porch balusters.
Past Owners:
Harvey, Frank - Original Owner
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