333 College SE

Built in: 1912
Style: Prairie
1981 Tour, 1996 Tour
Home Tour write-up: This 1912 house is a good example of the Prairie style in its vernacular American Foursquare form. It has the typical square plan, low-pitched hipped roof, wide overhanging eaves and ribbon windows. The exposed rafter ends on the porch, cornice and dormer eaves and tiled roof show Craftsman details. It was built for William and Hattie Jack. William was a manager of the American Box Board Company. Later owners included Adolph Kortland, or Kortlander Brothers, a wholesale liquor dealer on Monroe Avenue and a physician.
Past Owners:
Kortlander, Adolph H.
Jack, William and Hattie - Original Owner
Hunderman, Edward D. & Clarissa
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