415 Wealthy SE

Built in: 1907
Style: Eclectic
Architect - William G. Robinson
1992 Heritage Hill Foundation invitation to neighbors following restoration: This lovely post-Victorian two story, three bedroom, recently renovated structure was built in 1907 for Eugene R. Raniville, the president of the F. Raniville Company. It survived a fire and the City had scheduled it for demolition. The Foundation was able to acquire the property conditionally from the City Commission with the understanding that the house would be rehabilitated for single family occupancy. The contractor, Richard Bylsma, working with the City Development Officer Pete Gilbert and Housing Inspection Department Walt Bagby, has completed the project. The house has been sold through the efforts of realtor Kay Courtney. Since the property was acquired, other concerned residents of the district have rehabbed homes on Wealthy Street. The Foundation is pleased to join those other property owners who are committed to the proposition the Wealthy Corridor Renaissance is alive and once again an integral part of the District. Architectural Inventory Card corrected by Rebecca Smith Hoffman
Past Owners:
Raniville, Eugene - Original Owner
brother of Francis, Eugene was 2nd Vice President of F. Raniville Company
Lydia Luton
widow of Dr. Albert Luton formerly at 353 Morris SE
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