649 Union SE

Built in: 1910
Style: American Four-Square
Ford House 1991 Tour, 1994 Tour, 2004 Tour
President Ford lived here with his mother, adoptive father and three step brothers from 1923 until 1930, from age 10 through his junior year in high school. Of the several homes he lived in he claims to remember this one most vividly. The home is furnished with early American yard sale, estate sale and many family heirlooms. Notice the many unique light fixtures throughout the house. As you enter the house and move in the living room, note the vestibule which contains a wall of Ford memorabilia and an American flag which flew over the White House. The earlier 48-star flag could have flown here when Ford was a boy. The leaded side lights are original to the home. Also note the foyer where President Ford remembers a baby grand piano.
Past Owners:
Seven, John
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