644 Union SE

Built in: 1910
Style: Arts & Crafts American Four-Square
1992 Tour, 2001 Tour
2001 Heritage Hill Tour Brochure: Built by Stewart M. Rose of Ann Street, the house - an Arts & Crafts American Four-Square - was promptly sold to Jacob Steketee as income property. Mr. Steketee's first tenant was Frank M. Jacobs, manager of downtown Grand Rapids... A wonderful home built in 1910 that was converted to two apartments in the ?30?s and virtually untouched (except for superb decorating by only its 4th owner) since then. This American Foursquare still retains -- inside and out -- all the dignity and charm of its past.
Past Owners:
Rose, Stewart M. - Original Owner
Jacobs, Frank M.
Vercoe, Lincoln and Eugenia
English, Sarah J. & Sylvia B.
Markley, Leland S.
Nichols, Leigh W.
VanLoo, Jacob and Mary
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