75 Union SE

Built in: 1922
Style: Colonial Revival
2000 Tour
This house, built in 1922, is a classic example of a colonial revival, an attractive building style for many dating from the late 1800?s through the 1940?s. It wasn?t until around 1915, however, that it became popular to use brick on the exterior of a colonial revival. It?s believed the current owners are only the 4th owners of this home and its classic detailing and floor plan have remained virtually untouched since its construction. A perfectly designed kitchen and sun porch are favorite rooms of the owners.
Past Owners:
Smith, Burton E - Original Owner
Central High School Principal - He died in 1929. His wife lived in the house until 1945 when she died.
Lieberman, Arthur A.
President of the Carlton-Surrey Co. (upholstery fabrics)
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