Residential Permit Parking in Heritage Hill?

Residential Permit Parking in Heritage Hill????

 If you are frustrated trying to find on-street parking on your block during the day, you could benefit from Residential Permit Parking. It would limit parking on your street to the residents of your street. If there are too many residents for available spots, permit parking wouldn’t work for you but if the spots are taken by non-residents (students, hospital employees), it would.

The permit parking enforcement would generally be Monday-Friday: 8 am – 5 pm. That means that you would need to display a permit in your vehicle to park on the street during the enforcement time.

 Permit Fees:

In 2017, Permit Fees Permits currently cost $15 per six-month period or $30 for the year. Residents are allowed guest permits for $2 per permit with a maximum of 30 per six months.

How do I get it on my block:

You need to get 50% of your neighbors on your block to say they support Residential Permit Parking and the Heritage Hill Association will include your street in a proposed zone. The Association is not advocating for permits but it could be a solution to some of our neighborhood’s parking issues on some streets.

How you confirm neighbors support is up to you – a petition, an email thread? The Association just needs some documentation that neighbors support permit parking on a respective block.

Once we see what blocks want to have residential permit parking, we will need to comply with the following:

Zone Requirements.

The designation of a Residential Parking Permit Zone shall require the area to be, at a minimum:

  • 3 blocks in length; and
  • within 1,500 feet of a defined traffic generator (such as a hospital, educational institution, or commercial concern); and
  • the block faces in the area must be contiguous.

Residential Permit Parking:

  • Does not mean a guaranteed space in front of your house. A permit allows you to park on the street within the Residential Permit Parking zone.
  • Is open to all residents – tenants and homeowners. It restricts non-residents from parking in a Residential Permit Parking zone.
  • Is not enforced in the evening or weekends. Residential Permit Parking is only during the posted enforcement times. Currently the City enforces during daytime hours.