Barb Lester’s soft retirement/tribute

After 29.75 years, Barb Lester is stepping back from her staff role as the Association’s Crime Prevention and Community Organizer. She has an amazing legacy that we present in the following power point. But Barb is not ready to leave us totally and is returning to the place she began. Barb will continue in the office as our receptionist, or better termed, our office sage. She will be working 15 hours per week come January 1st. Barb was initially hired as HHA’s administrative assistant in 1986 and assimilated to the Crime Prevention position three months into her working here. That worked out so well that HHA is replicating the process.
Tansy Harris has worked as the afternoon receptionist and has slowly moved up to community organizing on State Street. She will take over as the Crime Prevention organizer on January 1st. So the musical chairs at the HHA office continue to vibrate. Welcome Barb! Welcome Tansy!