Board & Planning

The HHA Board meets at 7:00 pm on the third Wednesday of every month usually at the Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Campus, Hauenstein Center, 220 Cherry SE, H1 Community Room (main floor, turn left at the first hall and first room on your left). Neighbors are welcome to attend. If you want an item placed on the Board agenda, you need to call or email the HHA office at 616-459-8950/ before 4:00 pm of the second Tuesday of the month. If you want to address the Board regarding an agenda item, public comment is taken at the beginning of each meeting. For non-agenda items, public comment is taken at the end of each meeting. Typically Board meetings last until 8:30 to 9:00 pm. The HHA Board agenda is available the Monday of the Board week. If you would like a copy of the agenda, please email, with your request and a copy will be emailed to you.

2018 Executive Committee:


Lisa Baars (2019) 1st Term

Wes Beck (2019) 1st Term

Vice President
Mark Hutchison (2018) appt.

2018 Board Members:

Kate Diedrich (2018) 2nd Term

Wendy VerHage Falb (2020) 1st Term

Mary McCarthy-Fuller (2019) 1st Term

Michele Giordano (2018) 1st Term

Sarah Green (2020) 1st Term


Erin Shupe (2020) 2nd term

Suzanne DeHaan (2018) Appt.


Christopher Grygiel (2019) Appt.

Nikki Hoort (2020) 1st Term

Todd Hoort (2018) 2nd Term

Wayne Norlin (2019) appt.

Nathan Slauer (2020) 1st Term



HHA Board members may be contacted through:
HHA Office
126 College SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-459-8950
Fax: 616-459-2409


Bylaws (pdf)

1988 Master Plan (pdf)

2005 Master Plan Supplement (pdf)

Prospect Avenue Study Plan_1 (pdf)

State Street Area Specific Plan

50 College SE Report

Annual Reports:


2013 HHA Annual Report

2014 HHA Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

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