Thanks to our great gardeners for a fine Garden Tour.

The Garden Tour was Saturday, June 17 and dodged most of the raindrops. Thanks to all who hosted, attended, and a special big hug to Kate Diedrich for organizing it all.



FIFTEEN exceptional gardens are being weeded and watered, preened and perfected, preparing them for this year’s garden tour. On an easy walk through the area of the Hill south of Cherry St., you will find gardens both large and small, serene or filled with riotous color, formal or playfully serendipitous.  What they have in common is the dedication and love of a gardener, and the imagination and personality of each shines through in the beautiful havens that they have created.

A few highlights include:

*A contemplative, multi-level garden with a formal koi pond, elegant sculptures and colorful raised perennial beds perfectly compliment a Frank Lloyd Wright home. Around every corner, another lovely, well-planned arrangement of plantings comes into view.

*Behind the garden gates, a small wonder awaits.  This gardener designs a new color palette of annuals every year, accenting his collection of unusual perennials. He has created a living, growing work of art, with borders made of colored wine bottles among the many delightful details.

*With a masterful arrangement of textures and colors, this shade garden is a maze of artfully designed vignettes where hostas reign supreme. Water tumbles down a rock-lined stream, artful accents are tucked in all the right places and a sense of serenity comes over you as you meander down the stone paths.

Glass flower artworks by Craig Mitchell-Smith will be shown at the Amberg House, 505 College SE.

There is also a purple garden with topiary birds, one filled with all the colors of the sun, a garden based on a tea party theme, one carefully designed by Steve Rosselet and another as free as a field of wild flowers.  The variety and creativity is amazing!  What better way to spend a summer’s day?

Tickets with maps to see all 15 gardens are only $8.00 in advance and $10.00 on the day of the tour.

Advanced tickets may be ordered and tour information reached through:

The Heritage Hill Association office, 616-459-8950 or On line: All advance tickets will be picked up at the ticket booth (409 Lafayette SE) on the day of Garden Tour. 

On the day of the Garden Tour, tickets are purchased at The Child Development Center 409 Lafayette S.E. at the corner of Wealthy and Lafayette S.E. 

There is ample parking at the school and it is only 1/2 block from the first garden. We hope to see you!